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In the EUREGIO-Area between Aachen and Cologne the district government of Cologne is responsable for giving the authorization to work as medical doctor. Foreign doctors have to apply for such authorization, which in Germany is called APPROBATION.


This Approbation give the right, the authorization to work as doctor in Germany with full responsability and without supervising of colleages. Usually an regulary doctors comming from states outside the European Union need an adjustment course that concludes with two exams. After passing this exams the APPROBATION will be given permanent and lifelong.


As a general rule, foreign doctors (non-EU) are entitled to a doctor's license (APPROBATION) if they have not been guilty of behavior that results in your unworthiness or unreliability to practice the medical profession. Furthermore, they have to be fit for the practice of the medical profession in health terms, speak sufficient German and at the same time meet the professional requirements. Nationality does not matter when granting the license.


Applicants and doctors from Non-EU-States are entitled to a license to practice (APPROBATION) if they have a successful medical education outside the EU, which is equivalent to training as a doctor in the Federal Republic of Germany. Proof of equivalence of education acquired abroad is usually provided by means of a knowledge examination, which covers the content of the state final examination of a German medical study. Although there is the theoretical possibility to provide proof of equivalence by a so-called equivalence report. But the reality is, that usually noone get a positive report or expertise. The way is to make an adjustment course and finally making the exams for language (C1 - medical German) and for general medical knowledge.


Before getting the APPROBATION doctors have to pass language examination C1 - medical German. The EU-ACADEMY FOR EMPLOYMENT & SOCIAL AFFAIRES is training the foreign doctors linguistically so that the required language level can be achieved. At the end there are the language exam B2 and the special language exam C1 - medical German.


Required documents are the following:

1. Personally signed applicationform in German (the Academy will support)
2. Current, short, personally signed CV with a description of the professional career; table of completed education and work performed in German language; (the Academy will support)
3. Proof of identity in the form of a certified copy of the passport
4. Criminal record extract of the country of origin
5. Penal declaration of the applicants
6. Medical certificate of fitness for health
7. Proof of completed medical education (diploma, scorecard, proof of practical training phases, etc.). The evidence of formal qualifications must give entitlement to the full and independent pursuit of the profession in the State of formation.
8. Health certificate of the highest health authority of the home country or study country, that you are entitled to the unrestricted exercise of the medical profession and that no professional or disciplinary measures have been taken or initiated against you.

The EU-ACADEMY OF EMPLOYMENT AND SOCIAL AFFAIRES will give informations and support in all matters. Also we can make the application in Germany for doctors if we are given a general power of attorney, which is certified y the German Ambassy in the home country of foreign doctors.


The medical knowledge test or examination is regulated by law in the medical licensing regulations (§ 37 ÄApprO). It is a state examination and is based on the requirements of Section 2 of the medical exam. There are always questions about the subjects of internal medicine and surgery, and there are interdisciplinary questions.The knowledge exam is a clinical and an oral-practical exam with patient presentation. It usually takes place in a university hospital or in a hospital responsible for the implementation.


For getting the APPROBATION the language knowledge according to the international standardization on the level C1 is necessary. The recognized exam following our language training will be accepted by telc gGmbH. Afterwards we prepare for the special language examination before the commision aof the chamber of doctors of the disrict Northrhine in Düsseldorf.


The EU-ACADEMY OF EMPLOYMENT AND SOCIAL AFFAIRES will train forreign docter for succesful examinations like written before. All the programm you find in "18-month education training". The first 20 weeks are language training A2 up to B2. Only with an exellent B2-level you can pass to the second and main step of the course. If you got good precourses in your home country, it may be is possible to step in directly in main course, starting from week 21.

approbation arzt ausland akademie head


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