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adjustment course approval medical doctor germany

PART 1 - Before coming to Germany

At the request of applicants, the Academy examines the basic ability to recognize the medical degree in Germany on the basis of documents provided. After together with the applicant we compile the necessary documents and then submit them in full to the district government of Cologne on behalf of the applicant. At the same time a so-called deficit notice will be requested.

Once the deficit has been notified, the Academy together with the applicant will compile all the documents required to successfully apply for a visa application for 18 months in accordance with § 17a AufenthaltsG. The Academy accompanies foreign physicians with advice and support through the entire recognition process and provides assistance in all necessary steps.

PART 2 - The program of action in Germany
consisting of sections A and B

The adjustment training and support program of the EU Academy for the preparation of foreign physicians for getting their approval (APPROBATION) to practice as medical doctor in Germany include language training as well as medical-theoretical and medical-practical trainings as guest physicians in clinics and hospitals. Also they will make experiences in private practices. The program comprises more than 3,000 training units over a period of approximately one and a half years.

For the first 20 weeks (section A), the main focus of the preparatory action will be intensive language training. The doctors learn German, starting with A2 up to B2 and concluding this part of the training with the recognized examination of the telc-institute. Also in this period, the German test for immigrants will become completed. All in all, about 800 training units are planned for this purpose.

In the weeks 21 to 72 the doctors will make the adjustment course in with all medical-theoretical and medical-practical trainings.

Section B, the medical-theoretical and medical-practical training include subjects

> Introduction to the German healthcare system
> Legal Studies
> Internal Medicine
> Surgery
> Pharmacology, Pharmacotherapy
> Imaging procedures, radiation protection
> Emergency medicine
> Hygiene
> Interviewing, anamnesis, documentation

After this training period, the seminarians await their invitations to the language Test C1 at the Chamber of doctors as well as their medical knowledge test or examination in Düsseldorf. Both tests must be passed as essential prerequisites for the licensing (APPROBATION).

German National Agency of Employment in Aachen

This training is certified in order to the german law §81 SGB III


The National Employment Agency supports the continuing vocational training of unemployed people and the professional qualification of employees. There are various funding options and learning programs available for this purpose. The EU-AKADEMY applied for permission to apply for the overall program through the competent authority CertQua in Bonn. The Academy currently assumes that the overall program can be funded by the Employment Agency. After completing the necessary examinations, we will publish the approval of measures in the form of the so-called action sheet together with the official and public registration of the institution.


72 weeks of intensive qualification to prepare for language proficiency exam and knowledge test for German approbation of physicians from non-EU countries. Doctors are needed, good and wanted migrants; violent offenders with islamic criminal ideas are not welcome.

There is a medical surplus in a lot of Non-EU- countries. Doctors, qualified but unemployed can help to stabilise the German health system and alleviate the acute shortage of doctors. The EU-ACADEMY helps these doctors on their way and at the same time the people in Germany.

On the right you can see the conception of the planned training (subject to change without notice). This training is according to §81 SGB III.

The entry into this training is possible if a completed foreign and recognized medical study with medical approval in the home country is present and at least alevel of German B2 is proofed,

Without the B2 level participation in a preliminary training (20 weeks) is possible or envisaged, which can also be supported by the National Employment Agency. This will be a very compact intensive language course (A2-B2) but will be specifically aimed at physicians.

approbation arzt ausland akademie head


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